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Art Supplies -- Jan-Feb 2023 Courses

Shop at Dick Blick, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Michaels, Walmart

Introduction to Calligraphy

*Paper—A few sheets of regular printer paper (for practice) and several 8.5” x 11” sheets of parchment paper; ivory card stock and stationery paper will be available

*Pens and Ink

  • Plain nib (C-6, school nib, or crow quill) for details

  • Flat calligraphy nibs (C-2, C-3, C-4), black ink, and a pen holder

    -- OR --

Set of cartridge-type calligraphy pens (usually includes 3 sizes of nibs or felt tip calligraphy pens). The non-refillable pens have a nice selection of colors, but a poor choice of nib sizes.

*Pencil and Eraser


*Light Board—A light board is handy, but there are workarounds

*Paper towels

*Water container for cleaning nibs

Intuitive Drawing

*12x16 Mixed media paper tablet or heavy watercolor paper. (You can work directly in the tablet    or you can take sheets out and tape to a drawing board.)

*Soluble graphite or sketch and wash pencil #8 round watercolor brush

*Glass jar for water

*Stick of compressed charcoal

*Natural Artist chamois for smudging charcoal

*1 soft charcoal pencil and soft vine charcoal

*4B graphite pencil

*Vinyl eraser (white plastic)

*Eraser stick

*Exacto knife

*Pencil sharpener

*Painters tape if you think you will need it to tape down your paper.

You can also choose another dry media

such as pan pastels, pastel pencils, or dry pastel. The exercises will be the same regardless.

If you choose to work with color, that will add

an element of complexity and visual interest.

Alta Prima Oil Painting

*Paints—we will use a limited, modified “Zorn Palette”; Artist Grade oil paints are recommended

  • Vermilion Hue or Cadmium Red Light 37ml tube

  • Yellow Ochre 37ml tube

  • Ivory Black 37ml tube

  • Titanium White (PW6) 150ml tube

  • Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber (37ml tubes) for sketching and toning paper

  • Cobalt Blue (37ml tubes), if you intend to paint landscapes

*Brushes—buy synthetic or natural bristle brushes that are intended for oil painting; long-handled brushes are best for this technique      

  • 3/4 inch flat

  • 1/2” filbert

  • 1/2” flat

  • #8 round

  • 1” wide

  • natural hog bristle brush

*12” x 16” canvas paper pad

*Table-top easel if you have one (We can provide one if you don’t)

*A board on which to tape your canvas paper

*Gamsol 4.2 oz.

*Gamblin solvent-free gel medium

*Masters brush cleaner and preserver 2.5 oz.

*Paper towels

*Painters tape

*Offset metal palette knife, toned glass palette or disposable palette

*Safflower oil (we use this to clean brushes while working);two glass jars with lids (ex. empty peanut butter or jam jars)

*Barrier cream to protect hands…examples: Art Guard or Invisible Glove

You will need to have access to the internet

and a printer

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