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A BIG Texas Thank-You to Our Donors

Contributions to LLL-smtx allow us to continue to offer

special events, presentations, and courses

at no cost or low cost to participants.

Many, many thanks to those listed below for their generosity:

Frank A. Podosek -- A Very Generous Donor

Sue & Steve Beebe

Alfred & Mary Borm

Bernadette Brown

Caryn & David Clark

Ron Coley

Bill Cory & Trini San Miguel

Agnes Dunn

Gil Fulmer

Carol Grimm
Don & Carol Hazelwood

Cecilia & Dale Kelley

Stephanie Korcheck

Patty & Ken Margerison

Marjorie Masse & Heidi Clark

Lu Montondon
Sharon & Charles O’Neil

Dianne Pape

Mae Parrish
Pat Pattison

Walt Pilcher

Patsy Pohl

Becky D. Reese

Marianne Reese & Wayne Schurter

Van K. & Mary Lee Reese

Judy & Brian Roe

Cathy Supple

Mary Lou Villareal

Martin West

We welcome your contributions to keep LLL-smtx going strong!

To make a contribution, please mail your check to:

Wayne Schurter, Treasurer

LifeLong Learning-San Marcos

1411 Madrid Trace

San Marcos, TX 78666

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