Contributions to LLL-smtx allow us to continue to offer lectures and courses at no cost or low cost to participants.  Many, many thanks to those listed below for their generosity:

Alfred and Mary Borm

City of San Marcos
Ron Coley

Agnes Dunn

Gil Fulmer

Carol Grimm
Don and Carol Hazelwood

Dale and Cecilia Kelley

Ken and Patty Margerison

Marjorie Masse and Heidi Clark

Lucille Montondon
Sharon and Charles O’Neil
Walter Pilcher

Frank A. Podosek

Van K. and Mary Lee Reese

Brian Roe

Judy Roe

San Marcos Bluebonnet Lions Club

San Marcos Lions Club

Cathy Supple

Mary Lou Villareal

Martin West


                                                           Transformative Gift


All gifts to LifeLong Learning help further our goals, but in September 2020, Dr. Marianne Reese, founder and director of Lifelong Learning Organization of San Marcos (LLL), announced a transformative gift of $10,000 to our nonprofit, which has since 2014 provided ongoing educational opportunities to the San Marcos community.

Dr. Reese said the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a retired educator who strongly believes that “education is the best way to improve the condition of the world.”

Of this donation, Dr. Reese said: “This is by far the most generous donation yet made to our organization and it ensures that we continue to offer excellence in educational opportunities to our community and now through online classes...beyond.”

The mission of LLL is to enhance and enrich the interests, knowledge, and social engagement of adult residents in the greater San Marcos area through a rich spectrum of low cost/no-cost presentations, courses and workshops.

In its 7-year history, Lifelong Learning has offered classes in science, history, geography, government, literature, art, art history, and offered presentations from San Marcos officials, Texas State professors and administrators as well as citizens steeped in specific knowledge such as on the “Camino Real”. LLL participants have even erected a spiral garden located at the San Marcos Discovery Center and attended a 6-month, joint program with the Mermaid Society SMTX held at the Root Cellar Bakery: The Stories of San Marcos - Discovering Our Town's Roots. 

We look forward to using this generous gift to enhance the work of LifeLong Learning and make the donor's belief that "education is the best way to improve the condition of the world" come true. 

We welcome your contributions to keep LLL-smtx going strong! If you wish to make a donation, mail your check payable to LifeLong Learning Organization, San Marcos, TX to:

Dr. Wayne C. Schurter, Treasurer  
1411 Madrid Trace 
San Marcos, TX 78666


A BIG Texas Thank-You to Our Donors

Ron Coley donates proceeds from his book's sale to LLL-SMTX Director Marianne Reese