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LifeLong Learning offers a variety of courses in fine arts, studio arts, history, the environment, and topics of local interest.  The courses are offered with the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department at the San Marcos Activity Center and the Cephas House.  Both locations offer free and convenient parking.  We also offer courses with the San Marcos Public Library and the Price Center.  We hope you find something of interest.  If not, check back later for our next list of offerings. Please see the following schedule below.


Life-Long Learning Courses

Held in the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department’s 50+ Program       

April to September 2019

**Registration Required** 
To register, please contact the San Marcos Activity Center by phone: (512) 393-8280; in person at the Activity Center; or online at:
(Note:  You will need to search for “LLL” classes online.)

Note: check location for each course.

At the San Marcos Activity Center


Chemistry in the Kitchen:  Cancelled: To Be Offered in the Spring


1)  Ukulele


Where:             San Marcos Activity Center

When:               (6) Nov. 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th and Dec. 3rd and 10th.

Time:                6:00 to 7:30 PM

Fee:                   $50.00



This 6-week course is designed for those who have completed the Level 2 Ukulele For Beginner's class and want to continue building their ukulele skills. Players who did not take Level 2 class are welcome to join this class, if they are already familiar with the topics covered in Levels 1 and 2, including tuning the instrument, basic chords in the keys of C, G, and F, as well as basic strumming patterns.

After a brief review of the basics, in this class instructor Bob Guz will expand students' skills by teaching new chords and keys, additional chord progressions, and more advanced strumming patterns. Introductory finger-picking styles and reading ukulele tablature will also be covered. Of course, we'll also learn new songs -- including some old-time favorites and holiday tunes! -- and spend time playing and singing together as a group.

Participants will need a ukulele, a music stand, and enthusiasm to play and sing.

Handouts and learning aids will be provided.

Presented by Bob Guz Bob who is president and music director of the Austin Ukulele Society (, which he co-founded in 2011.  He has played ukulele for over fifteen years and has been teaching folks to play and sing for nearly all of that time. He has performed and taught ukulele workshops at the Kerrville Folk Festival, Lone Star Ukulele Festival, Midwest Ukulele Festival, and New York City Ukulele Festival. Bob has also enjoyed playing ukulele with bands that include Shorty Long and The Pine Beetles. For the Austin Ukulele Society, he leads a monthly gathering of over 120 strummers and singers.  This is Bob's second class with LifeLong Learning Organization of San Marcos. (


At the Cephas House, 217 W. MLK Drive, San Marcos, TX

1) Animal Portraits in Oil

Where:             Cephas House ....a San Marcos Activity Center venue

When:               (5) Fridays:  Nov.15th, 22nd, and Dec. 6th, 13th, & 20th

Time:                10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Fee:                   $50.00



Learn how to paint an animal portrait using traditional oil painting techniques.
Learn to tone your painting surface, build an image from simple color shapes to more detailed ones, and to use brushwork to create the illusion of fur.

Painting Surface Choices                                  

Canvas paper pad, ARCHES oil paper pad, gessoed panel, or canvas board, 12”x16” approximate size relative to the brand you buy.

Brushes                                                                                                                            (Synthetic brushes for oil) Look for brushes about 1/2” wide at ferules 1” long for the flat, and filbert. Look for 1/4 wide at ferules to 1” long for the round. Probably a #6 or #8 made in the USA.
           1 filbert brush for oil; 1 flat brush for oil; 1 round brush for oil; 1 fan brush for oil
There's not much consistency between brush manufacturers as to which measurements correspond to each number, so a number 8 paint brush from one manufacturer might be

significantly larger or smaller than a number 8 from a different brand. Take a tape measure.


Buy individual brushes or a good oil brush set that includes rounds, flats and filberts

PAINT                                                                                                                                           Use professional-quality paints if you can. The student-grade paints have a much lower pigment load. You can use cadmium hues if you wish instead of real cadmium pigment.   Burnt sienna; Burnt umber; Permanent rose (or alizarin crimson); Cadmium scarlet (or cadmium red hue) or napthol scarlet; Cadmium yellow medium*; Cadmium yellow lemon (or light)*; Viridian; Ultramarine blue; Pthalo blue; Titanium white

Additional Supplies                                                                                         

Masonite board big enough to hold 12x16 painting surface;Viva paper towels; metal palette knife; 2B pencil;  pencil sharpener; vinyl; bag to carry supplies.
Gamblin solvent free fluid medium or Gamblin non-toxic gel medium (non-toxic);
jar of safflower oil for cleaning brushes; small sketchbook for notes and pencil studies; and access to the internet and a printer


Recommended: Gloves In  A Bottle Hand Barrier Shielding Lotion

Presented By Roxana Tuff... CONSUMMATE ARTIST and  TEACHER!                                    Roxy is a metalsmith and illustrator who holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing and a MFA in Painting. She has taught in the art studio area at Texas State for 14 years and for Life-Long Learning since its inception.


At the Price Center, 222 West San Antonio Street, San Marcos

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