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Our classes are now being delivered via the platform “ZOOM," a safe, online, real-time video communications platform that will allow our presenters and participants to see, hear, and interact.

To participate, all you need is:
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 (A)  A desktop or laptop
           computer with at least MacOS 10.7 or Windows 10 operating systems
           (best); (B) A tablet with iOS 7.0 operating system or later (acceptable)
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NOTE:  We are also offering individual assistance. Date(s) and times will be provided to you when you
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                                                        Courses for January-March  2021


You are welcome to join the “CLUB” at any time.  Just contact Marianne for an ‘invite’ to join the Zoom session you want to join.

When:    Tuesdays from 1:30 to 3:00 OR                      
              Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Where:  ZOOM @ Home

Course Description

We will read old, new, fiction and non-fiction works by Texas authors.  Jo Snider will share background information on each of the authors as well as weave in “historical tidbits” as we discuss the various books read. 

       January     12 OR 13            Lonesome Dove, Part I by Larry McMurtry

        January     26 OR 27            Part II

       February      9 OR 10            Part III

       February    23 OR 24            The Which Way Tree  by Elizabeth Crock

       March           9 OR 10            Good-bye to a River by John Graves

There are more than a few Texas readers and authorities that will argue this is the best book ever written on Texas.

       March         23 OR 24            The Time It Never Rained by Elmer Kelton

       April           13 OR 14             The Wind by Dorothy Scarborough

This is a crude story but just to give you a feeling for how derisive male scholars can be about books written by women I will share it.

       April           27 OR 28             George Washington Gomez by Americo Paredes

       May            11 OR 12             Claiming Sunday: The Story of a Texas Slave Community by Joleene M. Snider 

       May            25 OR 26              Finish Claiming Sunday

About the Presenter:  Jo Snider

Jo is a retired faculty member from the Department of History. She specialized in teaching the introductory courses in the theater setting. Which basically means she knows a lot about a lot of things. For her BA Jo had a double major in History and English and an English minor on the MA level. Since her focus has been Texas and the Old South a book club on Texas authors seemed a natural. Hope you will join us for some fun, entertainment and enlightenment from the Texas literati.




DATES: Wednesday Mornings, February 10, 17 & 24

TIME: 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

WHERE:     Zoom @ Home 

FEE: $25.00 

Course Description: 

This 3-week offering will be composed of topics selected to boost your genealogy knowledge. The first class focuses on 10 great websites (all free) that have been updated or modified this past year. The second class provides a comparison between the big two websites of and ($). There are some added record groups as well as searching capacity being offered by both. The third class will be on newspaper research using websites: Genealogy ($), ($) as well as some free websites such as the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America, US state digitization projects, and Fulton History. This series of topics should provide you with renewed energy to jump start your genealogy for 2021.

 About the Presenter:  Cindy Foreman, Genealogist

Cindy has been teaching classes and doing presentations on genealogy for the past 20 years here in the central Texas area. She has a degree in History Education, been past President of the Austin Genealogy Society and past VP with the Wimberley Valley Genealogy Society. In 2014 she was one of a number of speakers at the National Genealogy Conference in San Antonio called FGS. Currently she is involved with a genealogy special interest group called IGG (Interactive Genealogy Group) and continues to work on her own family genealogy.



DATES: (6) Thursday Afternoons, February 18, 25 and March 4, 11, 18 & 25

TIME: 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.
WHERE:  Zoom @ Home

FEE: $20.00 (grants available...please contact Marianne)

Presentation Description:

These are truly historic times. The impact of COVID-19 coupled with this summer’s eruption of frustration and anger resulting from Blacks being shot by police has exposed a host of challenges that many Americans must confront every day.

We have discovered the people who are essential to our lives – not only first responders, health care workers, and educators, but also those who manufacture critical supplies, stock the warehouses, deliver goods, and work in grocery stores. We have recognized the difference between families who can “easily” navigate working and educating their kids from home and the many who do not have that option. We have seen the adverse impact of this virus on minority and poor people as well as the decimation of many small businesses. We are reckoning with the racism of our past and its impact still today.

I have been blessed with the luxury of being stuck in my home and have been thinking a lot about the issues facing America. Like many, I believe our country is at a tipping point. And I want us to take advantage of this opportunity to make real and significant changes to help more of our citizens achieve the American dream.

I certainly am not an expert in any of these fields, but I am a good facilitator and would like to encourage others to think critically about today’s America and how we can make it better for all Americans. We will focus on seven topics:

· Session 1 – Legislative Gridlock

· Session 2 – Health Care

· Session 3 – Education

· Session 4 – Racism

· Session 5 – Criminal Justice

· Session 6 – Immigration

· Session 7 – Economic Inequality

For each class, I will present facts and research to frame our discussion and evoke further questions on each topic. I hope that the information and discussion will prompt participants to further investigate and consider the topic. At the beginning of each class, we will spend 30 minutes revisiting the previous week’s topic and learning what participants have discovered through their own research and reflections.

These are complex topics and we certainly won’t be able to come up with solutions. But I hope we all leave the course with more fact-based knowledge about these important issues and ideas about what we can do to advocate for change and make a difference.     

About the Presenter: Stephanie A. Korcheck

With over 30 years of experience in education-related organizations, Stephanie has expertise in education policy and law, advocacy, and strategic communications. She worked for the Texas Senate Education Committee, helped launch the State Board for Educator Certification, worked for an education think tank and other nonprofits, taught in the principal preparation program at Texas State University, and assisted College of Education faculty members in securing funding for their research.


Course 4:  Are You New to Zoom or would appreciate assistance
                                  in getting started?

Dr. Walt Pilcher has offered to help YOU learn the basics of Zooming! 
As each person’s equipment may vary (e.g. cell phone, laptop, computer, MAC or PC equipment) as well as your current Zoom knowledge, Walt will make himself available to speak with you on an individual basis (he is such a “sweetheart").
To get started, email Walt at:
    Including your name and a phone number for him to call you.


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