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Our classes are now being delivered via the platform “ZOOM," a safe, online, real-time video communications platform that will allow our presenters and participants to see, hear, and interact.

To participate, all you need is:
        (1) An Apple, Windows, or Android internet device with a built-in or
             attached camera and mic. The device can be:
 (A)  A desktop or laptop
            computer with at least MacOS 10.7 or Windows 10 operating systems
            (best); (B) A tablet with iOS 7.0 operating system or later (acceptable)
            and (C) A smartphone (marginal) with at least iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0x
            operating systems.

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       (3) You will receive an email to join your session by the presenter of your
            class.  When you receive the email, open it and click on the link.  Wait
            to be allowed to join in by the presenter (this is termed “the waiting
            room” which is a security measure so only class members can join).
NOTE:  We are also offering individual assistance. Date(s) and times will be provided to you when you
               CONTACT Marianne Reese of your interest to take a course(s).

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                                                       Courses for September-November 2020

Course 1.   Texas Literature Book Club
When:       Every other Tuesday.  Next book begins September 22           
Time:        1:30 to 3:00 PM     
Where:     Your Home via Zoom         
Fee:           Free

Course Description
We will read old, new, fiction and non-fiction works by Texas authors.  Jo will share background information on each of the authors as well as weave in “historical tidbits” as we discuss the various books read. The class will next read/discuss Steve Davis’s book Texas Literary Outlaws:  Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond.

Presented by Jo Snider
Jo Snider is a retired faculty member from the Department of History. She specialized in teaching the introductory courses in the theater setting. Which basically means she knows a lot  about a lot of things. For her BA Jo had a double major in History and English and an English minor on the MA level. Since her focus has been Texas and the Old South a book club on Texas authors seemed a natural. Hope you will join us for some fun, entertainment and enlightenment from the Texas literati.

** If there is enough interest, we may add a second section on an alternate day and time of the week.   



Course 2.    Discovering Your Ancestors in Church Records
When:         (4) Wednesdays    September 2, 9, 16, 23             
Time:           10:00 to 11:30 AM                                                    
Where:         Your Home via Zoom                                            
Fee:              $20.00   
Course Description                                       
Often the quest to learn more about your ancestors does not include searching religious records. Church records often predate civil records by recording births, marriages and deaths. Frequently church membership was required to be buried in a cemetery. There is your first clue! Sometimes in colonial times ownership of property was often driven by being a church member; a second clue! But how does one begin looking for religious records and where do you look? This four -week class will provide you with many good starting points, an overview of church records as well as resources and ideas. Even if you are just starting your genealogy research, why not consider a slightly different way to search for those hard to find essential records.

Each week there will be an outline for the presentation as well as resources to refer to for additional information.

Presented by Cindy Foreman
Cindy has been teaching and doing presentations on genealogy for more than 20 years here in the Central Texas area. She has a degree in History Education, been past President of the Austin Genealogy Society and past VP with the Wimberley Valley Genealogy Society. In 2014 she was one of a number of speakers at the national Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in San Antonio. She continues to do genealogy presentations and workshops upon request and teaches classes with the LifeLong Learning Program in San Marcos. Most recently she has begun to participate in Storytelling events using family genealogy. (



Course 3.  Storytelling Class

When:    (5) Wednesdays   Sept. 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 

Time:     2:00 to 3:00 pm 

Where:   Comfort of Your Home 

Fee:        $20.00 


Course Description 

Join us each week in September for a fun and creative storytelling class that mixes off the cuff tales with quick written work. This is not a class for perfectionists, serious novelists, or professional wordsmiths. Plan to interact with the other participants, get outside your standard box, and refresh your life with a bit of silliness. There is no homework, no preparation, and no pressure. Learn about different types of writing and do a bit of practice in a safe and welcoming space. Most of all, just enjoy your own imagination! 

Presented by Brooke Pillifant 

For 10 years, Brooke worked as a mathematics coach and teacher until she took a miserable yet hilarious cross-country car trip that propelled her into the world of storytelling. It flung her head long into performing at venues across the US. She has performed with Speakeasy DC, Mortified, RISK!, Austin Writer Roulette, Dallas’ Oral Fixation, and at several Austin backyard story nights.  


Brooke founded a nonprofit, Down South Word of Mouth, dedicated to promoting personal growth, social justice, and community connection in central Texas through the art of personal narrative storytelling. She works with various groups throughout the area to help individuals craft their own narrative stories.  



Course 4.    The Business of May Next—the Story of the U.S. Constitution             
When:       (4 sessions) Thursdays       Sept. 3, 10, 17, and 24                                      
Time:         2:00 to 3:15 PM                                                                                            
Where:      Your Home via Zoom                    
Fee:            $20.00

Course Description                
 One American historian writes that the story of the Constitution is “a story that Americans ought to keep telling themselves as long as the nation it helped to form may last.”  This class will explore in a lecture/discussion format the fascinating story of our Constitution:  its makers, its contents, its history and the riveting tale of ratification.
 Presented by Jo Snider

Jo is a veteran of nearly thirty years of college and university teaching of American history.  She holds B. A. and M.A. degrees from Southwest Texas State University and the University of Texas in Austin. She brings not only knowledge but also a high level of enthusiasm to the study of history.



Course 5.  The Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force       

When:     (4) Mondays  September 21 & 28 and Oct. 5 & 12              
Time:       2:00 to 2:45 pm                                                   
Where:    Comfort of Your Home                                  
Fee:          $15.00 

Course Description                                                                                  

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is a non-profit dedicated to preserving... in flying condition ...a collection of military aircraft flown during world conflicts.  The primary goal of CAF is to inform the public of the history and legacy of these aircraft and the men and women who served in them. 

In this course you will hear more of the history of the CAF, its facilities, the aircraft maintained by the Wing and their significance; and the operations in the European Theater...the Tuskegee Airmen, Hispanic Airmen, and Women in the military during WWII and the Berlin Airlift.  Additional discussions will include: the Pacific Operations including 

airborne cameras, survival equipment; Pearl Harbor; the Doolittle Raid; the Aleutian campaign; the significance of the China, Burma, and India (CBI) Campaign to the War effort; Korea; Vietnam. as well as, the San Marcos Army Air Corps.    

Presented by Clint Epley (Cdr, USNr

Clint graduated from KS State Teachers College of Emporia 1967, taught Sr. High History, Government and Geography 1967/68 school year in Sterling, KS. 1968 was reclassified 1A in the draft but joined the Navy instead. In 1968/69 he attended boot camp in San Diego then Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola. Commissioned an Ensign October 1969, Clint received his wings as a Naval Aviator in February 1971. Duty assignments were all in the Pacific or West Coast with the exception of one penalty tour in DC. Flying assignments were VP-19 Mt. View, CA, Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands Kauai HI, VQ-1 Guam, Operational Test and Evaluation Pacific in San Diego and Honolulu, VQ-1 Guam, VQ-1 Det Atsugi Japan, Office of Naval Research, DC, ComFairWestPac, Atsugi, Japan, Naval Air Weapons Center, Pt Mugu, CA.


Course 6.  Outsmart the Scammers  
When:        Thursday, September 24th     OR     Thursday, October 1st
Time:          6:00 to 7:15 pm                                   4:00 to 5:15 pm
Where:        Zoom @ Home                                    Zoom @ Home
                            FREE                                                  FREE


You MUST provide your email address to Marianne (                           that she can send you the required “Zoom invite” on the DATE that you choose to attend.

Incidents of fraud are on the rise, and scammers’ tactics are becoming more complex. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about fraud. And while no one is immune, there are steps you can take to Outsmart the Scammers.  Join us for this presentation and learn important strategies to help protect you and the ones you love.

We’ll share:  
     • How to spot certain red flags that may indicate a fraudulent encounter             
     • Resources you can turn to in the event you or a loved one is targeted                     
     • Steps you can take now to help protect yourself and your loved ones

About the Presenter:  Trish Wilder   
Trish is a financial advisor who has served the Kyle/San Marcos area for the past four years and a 16-year Edward Jones employee.  She is an active member and past-president of the San Marcos Bluebonnet Lions Club.


Course 7.  The Untamed Bee

When:       Every Other Thursday   Oct. 8 & 22 and Nov. 5 & 19
Time:        2:00 to 3:30 pm
Where:     Comfort of Your Home via Zoom
Fee:           $20.00

Course Description

This 4-class series will serve as an introduction to beekeeping.  Each class will be 90 minutes.  The first class will begin with an overview of the basics of beekeeping.  As a new beekeeper, you can be overwhelmed by the wide variety of equipment and bee races available.  This first class will cut through the hype and guide you to the essentials of what you need to get started.  The basics at a higher level will be covered including the lifecycle of the three types of bees.

About the Presenter:  Tony Andric

Tony has enjoyed the addiction of beekeeping for several years.  He keeps about 40 hives in Central Texas, selling both honey and bees.  All of his colonies come from feral colonies that he has removed over the years.  He is refining genetic lines that have under 5% annual hive losses (“treatment free”), defying the loss rate of over 40% nationally.  He has refined what equipment to use with grumpy colonies.  He leads the San Marcos Area Bee Wranglers club.  He also designed and sells the world’s leading bee vacuum, which fully funds his growing addiction.  Many people start with the idea of having a new hobby or small business; not realizing that when done right, it does become an addiction.


Course 8.  Exploring America's Challenges


When:      (6) Wednesdays, October 7, 14, 21, 28 and Nov. 4 & 11      
Time:         6:00 to 7:30 pm   


                  (6) Fridays, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and Nov. 6

                  10:00 to 11:30 am

Where:   Zoom in the Comfort of Your Home
Fee:        $10.00


These are truly historic times. COVID-19 coupled with the demonstrable frustration and anger resulting from Blacks being shot by police has exposed a host of challenges that many Americans must confront every day.


We have discovered the people who are essential to our lives – not only first responders, health care workers, and educators, but also those who manufacture critical supplies, stock the warehouses, deliver goods, and work in grocery stores. We have realized the difference between families who can “easily” navigate working and educating from home and the many who do not have that option. We have seen the adverse impact of this virus on minority and poor people as well as the decimation of many small businesses. We are reckoning with the racism of our past and its impact still today.

I have been blessed with the luxury of being stuck in my home and have been thinking a lot about the issues facing America. Like many, I believe our country is at a tipping point. And I want us to take advantage of this opportunity to make real and significant changes to help more of our citizens achieve the American dream.

I certainly am not an expert in any of these fields, but I am a good facilitator and would like to encourage others to think critically about today’s America and how we can make it better for all Americans. We will focus on five topics:

·      Session 1 – Health

·      Session 2 – Education

·      Session 3 – Our History of Racism

·      Session 4 – Criminal Justice

·      Session 5 – Immigration

·      Session 6 – The Wealth Gap

For each class, I will present facts and research to frame our discussion and evoke further questions on each topic. I hope that the information and discussion will prompt participants to further investigate and consider the topic. At the beginning of each class, we will spend 30 minutes revisiting the previous week’s topic and learning what participants have discovered through their own research.

These are complex topics and we certainly won’t be able to come up with solutions. But I hope we all leave the course with more fact-based knowledge about these important issues and ideas about what we each can do to advocate for change and make a difference.


About the Presenter:   Stephanie. A. Korcheck
With over 30 years of experience in education-related organizations, Stephanie has expertise in education policy and law, advocacy, and strategic communications. She worked for the Texas Senate Education Committee, helped launch the State Board for Educator Certification, worked for an education think tank and other non-profits, taught in the principal preparation program at Texas State University, and assisted College of Education faculty members in securing funding for their research.



Course 9.  Communicating Effectively with Texas Legislators


When:       (4) Mondays           October 5, 12, 19 and 26
Time:        10:00 to 11:30 am     
Where:      Zoom in the Comfort of Your Home

Fee:           $10.00



The Texas Legislature will convene in January 2021 with a most challenging agenda as we continue to live with COVID-19. In addition to dealing with a budget shortfall caused by decreased revenue from sales taxes and other revenue streams, legislation will be proposed addressing gubernatorial powers, health care, public schools and universities, policing, mental health, and a myriad of other topics.


Most policymakers deeply appreciate thoughtful, constructive communication from their constituents. Such correspondence is quite rare and can break through the noise of lobbyists and special interest groups.


To effectively communicate your ideas to legislators it is critical to understand the political and policymaking environment in which they work… in other words, you must know your audience. You also need to know what information is most helpful to them and how best to present it in order to influence these decisionmakers.


While the sessions will focus on Texas legislators as a targeted audience, the strategies are applicable to policy- and decision makers at any level of government or large organization (e.g., churches, homeowner associations).

·      Session 1 will provide strategic insights into politics and the policy making process to help frame your approach to presenting your ideas.

·      Session 2 will provide a specific framework for crafting letters to policymakers; you will use this framework to craft the components of a letter on a topic of interest to you.

·      Session 3 will provide information on the organization and workings of the Texas Legislature.

·      Session 4 will allow you to share your letter and receive feedback from participants and the presenter.


About the Presenter:   Stephanie A. Korcheck

As the policy analyst for the Senate Education Committee from 1992-1996, Stephanie assisted in drafting and negotiating legislation creating Texas’ public school accountability and school finance systems and rewriting the entire Texas Education Code. She then helped launch the State Board for Educator Certification, serving as its director of policy and planning.


At Texas State University, Stephanie taught in the principal preparation program, developing and teaching a course on politics, policy making, education law, and the school finance and accountability systems. She also served as the College of Education’s Research Coordinator for Proposal Development, supporting faculty members in securing funding for their research.


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