Special Invitation for LifeLong Learners

To welcome spring with hopes of healthier times ahead, LIFELONG LEARNING

is inviting you to join us as...

          Our GUEST on a Virtual Tour of the 9/11 MEMORIAL (NYC).

          Tuesday, April 27th at 11:00 to 11:45 AM


Email Marianne—by April 20th--to join us.  Hope to see you there!  

                  LifeLong Learning Remains Virtual   

We are using Zoom in all courses, and we offer assistance in setting up and learning how to operate your Zoom program.  We have an exciting line-up of new courses for April to June.  Check them out at


TO REGISTER  for any of our courses

EMAIL MARIANNE at lifelonglearningsm@gmail.com

or call her @ 512.216.6427

BY April 1, 2021


Courses fees can be waived

upon request.


Choose a Course or Presentation

The list below gives you an idea of the types of offerings available.

Fine Arts
Studio Art
Other Topics

Learn about art and music history with films and lectures.

Make your own art in painting and drawing classes.

Learn about slavery in Texas, Native Americans, quilting, the U.S. constitution.

Study bridge, birding, gardening, the Texas Hill Country, literature, philosophy

Look through the schedule of up-coming courses and and choose something that interests you.

 Meet New Friends and Reconnect with Old Friends

If you're a new-comer or a long-time San Marcos resident, you'll find friends to connect with in LLL courses. 

LifeLong Learners Relax at AquaBrew

Have Questions? Need Help?

Get in Touch!

     Bob Guz Tuning Up the Ukulele Group

 Cathy Supple Going Over the Fine Points of Bridge

Cindy Foreman Teaching Genealogy

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