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December 8 at 10:30 AM via Zoom

The Art of David Everett at the Witliff

Join David Coleman, Director of the Witliff Collections, and artist David Everett for a visual tour of David’s art housed in the Witliff Collections at Texas State University.

Born in Beaumont, David was drawn to the forests, swamps, bayous, bays, and marsh-covered plains that lead from Beaumont down to the coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. It was from this vantage point that he began a life-long process of restating his observations into a visual art that explores an allegorical interplay of both human and animal forms celebrating a natural history of a personal world.

Another World/The Art of David Everett -- edited by Becky Duval Reese, LLL-smtx's resident art expert -- was released in October and launched by David and Becky at the Texas Book Festival.

This is a FREE Zoom event co-sponsored by LifeLong Learning-San Marcos

and the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University.

LLL-smtx instructor Rev. Dr. Helen Boursier launched her new book on  Thursday, November 4.


The handbook provides an authoritative guide to relevant and emerging topics on gender studies, feminism, and religions in their intersections across the humanities and social sciences. To encourage greater dialogue across disciplines, this series engages high-quality, original and multi-disciplinary research on topics, themes and key debates in academia today that are rippling out into activism and grassroots movements.

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Learn about slavery in Texas, Native Americans, quilting, the U.S. constitution.

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LifeLong Learners Relax at AquaBrew

                                                       Revisiting "Texas Artists and Their Art"  


Becky Duval Reese’s “Texas Artists and Their Art” –her first Zoom delivered course-- was outstanding! 


The six-week course included three slide lectures presented by Becky covering the range and diversity of styles in 19th-21st century art created by Texas-based artists.  Interspersed with the slide lectures were tours/discussions of...

             •  the newly expanded and renovated Wittliff Collection (www.thewittliffcollections.txstate.edu) with a focus on the Southwestern and Mexican Photography Collection conducted by Carla Ellard, Photography Archivist for     the Wittliff.


             • the studio of David Everett ( http://www.davideverett.com/) who focuses primarily on wood sculptures, woodcuts, along with bronzes and works on paper; and


             • the Flatbed Press (http://www.flatbedpress.com/) by owner Katherine Brimberry-  Owner/Director and Master Printer of fine art.


The gestalt of this most interesting course was an elevated sense of pride in the past and ongoing work of our Texas visual artists!

Witliff Collection.png

The Expanded and Renovated Wittliff 

David Everett.png

David Everett in his Studio

David Everett Sculpture.jpg

Sculpture by David Everett

Flatbed Press 1.jpg

LLL-smtx at Flatbed Press with Katherine Brimberry

Flatbed Press 2.jpg

Becky Duval Reese Rolling the Press

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