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LLL-smtx offers a variety of courses allowing adult learners

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To register or for more information:

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KZSM (https://kzsm.org/) San Marcos Community Radio


​Mark your calendars and tune in at 2:00pm on the first Thursday of each month

to learn new things applicable to your life, stay active, eat healthier,

give back to the community, and enhance your social involvement.


The foundation of Marianne’s streaming radio show is two very human qualities: curiosity and caring.

Each program will focus on three recurring segments:

1. Upcoming Community Events

2. Did You Know? highlighting fun facts, tidbits, and valuable information

3. On Our Health presenting research-based findings that impact our quality of life and longevity

Presenter Spotlight -- Becky Duval Reese


Becky Duval Reese is LLL-smtx's resident art historian. Since moving to San Marcos in 2014, she has presented numerous art history courses that range from a guide to looking at and understanding art to French Impressionism to, most recently, the history of Texas art and artists. She is currently preparing a course on Vincent van Gogh for the spring.


Becky worked for over a decade at UT-Austin's Huntington Art Gallery (now the Blanton Museum of Art) before moving to El Paso to direct the city’s art museum. During her 15-year tenure, she professionalized the staff, created exhibitions and educational programs that more reflected the community, and oversaw the construction of a new building for the museum's growing collections. As a city-funded museum, Becky fought to ensure that admission to the new building remain free and it continues to this day. Largely based on Becky’s interest in the art of Texas, over 1,000 new objects were secured during her time as director.


As a result of her more than 30-year career and her curatorial and publication focus on the art and artists of Texas, Becky has become one of the state’s leading authorities on the subject. Her recent book showcases the work of Austin artist David Everett (www.davideverett.com), whose art is displayed throughout the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University and is held in many public and private collections. Becky and David presented their new book (published by Texas A&M University Press) at the 2021 Texas Book Festival; click here to watch their discussion on the Festival website.

David Everett.png

David in his studio

"Agave" woodcut

"Rubaiyat" wood sculpture

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LifeLong Learning-San Marcos offers courses in a wide variety of topics delivered by experts

Fine Arts

Art and music history, Texas artists and their work

Studio Art
Other Topics

Painting, drawing, quilting, mosaics, calligraphy

Slavery in Texas, indigenous cultures,

U.S. Constitution

Literature, mythology, mindfulness, cooking

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David Everett in his Studio

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