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All of us are looking for ways to enrich our lives during the pandemic.  Perhaps you'll find below a book to read or a work of art that interests you.

                                                                 READ A BOOK

Many of our class presenters are published authors.  If you enjoyed a presentation and would like to know more about the topic or perhaps you regret missing a class, use the following list to find a book that you'd like to explore.   

STEVE BEEBE Publishes New Book on C.S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis, based on the popularity of his books and essays, is one of the best communicators of the twentieth century. During his lifetime he was hailed for his talents as author, speaker, educator, and broadcaster; he continues to be a best-selling author more than a half-century after his death.

C. S. Lewis and the Craft of Communication analyzes Lewis’s communication skill. A comprehensive review of Lewis’s work reveals five communication principles that explain his success as a communicator. Based on Lewis’s own advice about communication in his books, essays, and letters, as well as his communication practice, being a skilled communicator is to be holistic, intentional, transpositional, evocative, and audience-centered. These five principles are memorably summarized by the acronym HI TEA. Dr. Steven Beebe, past president of the National Communication Association,  internationally-recognized communication author and educator, and LifeLong Learning presenter, uses Lewis’s own words to examine these five principles in a most engaging style.


For additional information, or to order the book directly from the publisher, go to The book is also available on



STEVEN L. DAVIS, curator at the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University in San Marcos

Davis is a past president of the Texas Institute of Letters.  A PEN USA award-winning author, his writing has been described as "lively, groundbreaking, and illuminating."

His most recent book, co-authored with Bill Minutaglio, is The Most Dangerous Man in America: Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon & the Hunt for the Fugitive King of LSD.

His previous books include:

Dallas 1963, winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Research Nonfiction.

J. Frank Dobie: A Liberated Mind.

Texas Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond.

His edited books include The Essential J. Frank Dobie.




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                                                                          ENJOY GREAT ART 

We all need beauty and new ideas to revive our creativity.  Discover stimulating art from some of our artist presenters below.


I grew up in central Texas where I first studied ceramics at Southwest Texas State University.  I worked as a production potter in San Marcos, then went on to complete a BFA in Art History and Studio Art at UT, Austin.  I relocated to California where I embarked on a career in set decorating and art direction for the motion picture industry. I left the film industry to teach art and focus on my work as a visual artist, concurrently completing an MFA degree in at California State University, Northridge. I returned to Texas to establish and head the ceramics department at the new Lone Star College, Cy-Fair in Houston.  After many years at LSC, I moved to San Marcos to open a studio where I am producing ceramic and sculptural forms in several media which reference my response to the human experience and my love of the natural world.  I offer instructional courses and workshops in a variety of art processes and the history of ceramics.  My work has been exhibited in San Marcos, Houston, across Texas, and nationally.  

Website:                                                                                                           Contact:

     FB (2 pages):      Rocketfire Ceramics,  Charcoal Injection firing

     Instagram: sshieldpolk

Aloha Leaf Series Tray and Vase

Aspirant Triptych

Two Bottles-Charcoal Fired


TRACY WEINBERG, Artist and Musician

Tracy Weinberg is a relative newcomer to the art world, specializing in collage and three-dimensional assemblages with found and recycled objects. Growing up in the Chicago area, he always enjoyed art, and frequently visited Chicago’s Art Institute with his mother and grandmother, both art hobbyists. His wife, Joan Nagel, is an artist and art educator, and she further encouraged his interest and, ultimately, his own artistic creations. He is especially inspired by modern artists Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joseph Cornell, and others.


WEBSITE:            Email: or 512-665-6674

              The Happy Couple

The End of the Beginning


NEAL WILSON, Retired Professor Emeritus Texas State University


Neal Wilson received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting from the University of Texas at Austin in 1963. After serving in the U. S. Army for two years he returned to the University of Texas where he received his Masters of Fine Arts in painting and drawing in 1970. He joined the faculty at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in January 1971.

Upon retirement in 2009. he was designated Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally for over 35 years and is included in numerous private and public collections. These include the McNey Museum of Art in San Antonio, Texas, The Longview Museum of Art, Longview, Texas, The Tenneco Collection of American Art, Houston TX, The Texaco Collection of Modern Art in Athens, Greece, The Hallmark Collection of Art, Kansas City, MO., the Frost National Bank of San Antonio, The McCoy School of Business, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


Over the years Neal has worked in oils, acrylics, watercolors, drawing and sculpture. The work includes both representational and abstract images. The recent paintings are influenced by memories of visits to archaeological sites in Greece and Italy. He is fascinated by the sense of history embedded in the abandoned ruins. He tries to create his version of a lost civilization. The things we see from the past may foretell our future.

Entrophy, acrylic on canvas, 24x 24


JUDY ROW, Retired

I have been involved with fiber arts since the 1960’s.  I have had a commission-based weaving business, a women and children’s clothing business  and always a sculptural fiber art component to my life.   My work has been ishown at galleries and museums in Colorado, Georgia,  Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas and the state of Washington.


Working in fiber, I coil, wrap, knit, crochet and weave because these techniques allow for the slow building of the form and the idea behind each piece.  The quiet repetition of this activity, the slight changes in pattern, texture and color mark the object as different today than it was yesterday.  These small changes make the piece move forward to completion.  My work reflects parts of my life and my state of mind as I select color and composition for each piece.

Website:   Contact:




MICHAEL HANNON, Artist, Designer, Poet

Much of my artwork has long combined visual images with writing.  My interest in pictures and in writing have both been developed through the lens of my being rather dyslexic. My early interest in practicing visual art was an obvious way of coping, and my late acquisition of reading, and even later of writing, has lead me to embrace them with perhaps a degree of the ardor of a convert, though I still like having visual images with words, in some sense to fall back on. My poetry tends to be fairly structured, usually metrical, and my art is largely figurative.

I have been influenced especially by Chinese brush paint, European & Middle Eastern medieval manuscript illumination (decorations and miniatures in medieval books), and the works of William Blake. All of these sources often involve the combination of writing and (visual) images.  I largely work in watercolor, whether with calligraphy, or in Chinese brush painting, though also do much work in pen & ink, some acrylics, and other media.


Website:              Contact:, 512 923 6717





CHRISTINE TERRELL,  adaptive reuse jewelry,  Owner | Designer


Adaptive reuse jewelry is ethical adornment for bohemians, mavericks, individualists & iconoclasts. Each one-of-a-kind piece of upcycled tin jewelry is individually handcrafted by Christine Terrell from locally sourced, free-range decorative tins.  

Follow along on Instagram @christineterrell or shop online at

WEBSITE:                               CONTACT:


Sheila Hargett, Artist, Costume Designer


Since retiring from Texas State University as the costume design professor in the Department of Theatre for 45 years, I have begun to explore other kinds of art in various media-- pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache and oil, primarily. After illustrating thousands of costume designs for the theatre at TSU, I am now discovering so many new ways of painting a variety of subjects. I am continuing to enjoy a lifelong passion for art and the need to create it.


Contact:                                             Website:  In Progress


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